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Drew has a relapse for the third time and collapses and dies. Brian wins first place for his pie, with Colleen coming in third. Against his principles, Sully offers to ride, but Dr. Mike decides to disguise herself as a man with Sully's help. She rides Flash and wins the race, but Loren takes away Dr. Mike's prize. However, everyone considers her the real winner and gathers around Dr. Mike and Flash. Jake puts the winner's prize of flowers around Flash.

Daniel Attias. She is injured and says she fell off a horse and is taken in by Loren.

Uncertain Loyalties

Mike examines Dorothy and suspects she was beaten by her husband. Sully confirms that this has happened before. At Maude's grave, Dorothy opens up to Dr.

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Mike about her abusive husband Marcus. Loren implies his marriage to Maude was superficial because he only proposed to her when Dorothy turned him down. Dorothy's husband turns up at Dr. Dorothy agrees against Dr. Mike's advice. When Dorothy comes back to town, she has been beaten again by Marcus and says she is leaving him for good. Mike suggests Dorothy start a town newspaper to support herself. Soon after, Marcus also arrives in town in the back of a wagon, dead. Dorothy is arrested by a reluctant Horace, who is a deputized judge, and she stands trial for murder after admitting she hit Marcus with her skillet in self-defense.

Mike presses Dorothy for more details on what happened the day Marcus died. Mike finds he died of gastritis caused by his chronic drinking not from a blow to the head. Dorothy is released from jail. Loren gives her a space to work on her newspaper in his store.

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  • The women of the town applaud Dorothy, but Hank stops the celebrations by firing off a gunshot. While Matthew, Colleen and Brian are in the barn, calling up ghosts to speak to them, Brian calls his mother. Meanwhile in the cabin, Sully tells Dr.

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    Mike what the Cheyenne believe about spirits, and as they kiss, a photograph of the family falls to the floor by itself. The next morning at breakfast, after talking about ghosts spelling out the one you love, Brian believes "there'll be a big S" for Dr. Sully offers to make some homestead renovations but Dr. Mike insists she is happy with it the way it is. Brian misses his mother who always made him his Halloween costumes, and he struggles to find a costume.

    The school children discuss witches and they make Brian believe that Dorothy is a witch, so he tries to catch her in the act. Meanwhile, a man keeps turning up "dead" in different areas of the town, first at Jake's barber shop, Hank's saloon, then at Grace's cafe, disappearing whenever the townspeople go to fetch Dr. She angrily thinks the townspeople are playing a practical joke on her. In the night, Dr. Mike hears a baby crying and she goes to the barn and finds an unfinished rocking horse which Sully made for his child.

    She turns around to see Abagail, Sully's deceased wife, who disappears. The next day, when Sully arrives to start work on the renovations, Dr. Mike says she doesn't want him to do anything because the house is Abagail's not hers. Abagail appears to Dr. Mike a second time saying that she wants Dr. Mike out of her house. Brian's suspicions grow but it turns out Dorothy was behaving oddly because she was making him a devil's costume. Brian breaks down crying and tells her about missing his Ma. Abagail appears a third time to Dr.

    Mike, and they discuss Sully. Mike tells Abagail that she is being selfish and that she should want Sully to get on with his life. Abagail says Dr. Mike is selfish, that she has nothing, and Dr. Mike has her husband. At the Halloween party, when the stranger wins the first prize for best costume, everyone is shocked by the "dead man" they've been encountering.

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    He then collapses, falling into a deep deathlike sleep, a result of a rare medical condition caused by a slowed heartrate. Mike tells him he suffers from catalepsy. Sully brings Dr. Mike the completed rocking horse and Dr. Mike calls Abagail, who appears a fourth and final time.

    After breaking down crying, she says, "We would have been friends. Mike gives her the rocking horse Sully never got to finish a long time ago but now did. She then agrees to Sully's offer to renovate the homestead. Jake accidentally kills Little Eagle while hunting for deer with Loren, which instantly triggers hostile retaliation from the Cheyenne. Horace is wounded by an arrow and is intimidated into covering up the truth.

    Jake's apathy at what he has done and his decision to lie about it infuriate the Cheyenne. Tensions between the Cheyenne and townspeople mount as gossip surrounding the incident runs wild.


    Dog Soldiers attack the Wakefield family. Jake is kidnapped. Sully tries to negotiate his release but is thrown off the reservation. Horace's conscience finally gets the best of him under Myra's pressure and he admits the truth. Dorothy chastises Loren for his lies, and realizes she must print a retraction immediately.

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    Mike decides to go to the reservation with Horace to sort things out. Despite being beaten by the Dog Soldiers, Jake tries to blame Horace. Sully finally gets the truth out of him and attempts to defend the townspeople against Cloud Dancing, who says Jake must die. Sully says Cloud Dancing taught him not to hate and that anger has clouded his judgement. Cloud Dancing and Sully fight and Michaela intervenes. Myra offers send a wire to the Army to help resolve the conflict, but Brian and Colleen cut the telegraph wires, fearful of what the Army would do to the Cheyenne.

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    When the Cheyenne tribal council suggest war, Sully declares he is on the side of truth, and that if they wanted to start a war, start it with him. He offers his hunting knife to Cloud Dancing, who refuses to kill Sully and gives him his knife back. Chief Black Kettle decides that as long as there is one white man talking the Cheyenne will not die and that Jake must provide horses and food to the family of Little Eagle.

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    After protesting, Jake gives them a silver pocket watch and a ring which his father gave him. Cloud Dancing also takes his horse he rode in on. When Jake asks "How am I supposed to get home?