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The result in Yorkshire could have further-reaching consequences, too. Belgium's Olympic Committee rules mean that a top-eight finish at the Worlds, or a top-five finish at the European Championships, would guarantee selection for next year's Tokyo Olympics time trial. Campenaerts opted to skip the latter, a race he won in and , and after his bad luck at the Worlds, his place in the two-man time trial team for Tokyo is up in the air.

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Meanwhile, Remco Evenepoel is already assured of a spot courtesy of his gold and silver medals at the Euros and Worlds. A further complication for Campenaerts is the fact that riders entered for the time trial are obligated to form part of the five-man road race squad, too, and with a mountainous course on the menu, a rider like Laurens De Plus or Wout van Aert might be preferred. Remco can do both, but it will be a difficult choice to make the call for the second spot. But we will see.

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It's a little bit early. I want to speak to all the riders, while the race planning is also up to them, because a combined Tour de France and Olympics is difficult. Campenaerts, meanwhile, already has a contingency plan on his mind, with the final time trial of the Tour de France coming up as a possible major goal for It's more or less the same parcours as the one I should have won at the Giro this year, so that should be a good option.

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But beyond his race goals for next season, a general improvement across the board is something to aim for too. Campenaerts said that a small improvement — and some luck — could see him taste victory at every time trial he starts. In , Lord Naganori Asano was provoked into drawing his sword against a court official, Yoshinaka Kira. Because violence was explicitly forbidden in Edo Castle, the shogun ordered Asano to kill himself.

The shogun then ordered the forty-six to commit suicide.

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The men obeyed. To the south is Sengaku-ji, the austere Zen temple where Asano and his samurai are buried. For centuries these quarters drew in all that was finest in Japanese music, dances, arts and fashion. In Tokyo has six, with the most vibrant in Asakusa—just south of the historic Yoshiwara district.

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Money was the great equaliser, although brilliance—in painting, in literature, in style—could finesse gold. In one satire, Harumachi Koikawa described a future, upside-down world: summer is cold and winter hot, male courtesans walk Central Boulevard wearing gorgeous kimono, courtesans reject clients rather than the other way around, and trashy visitors pass themselves off as sophisticates. In Geppon Koku, women are revered and men despised. Women have the power to break off relations with men whenever they want, and the women-rulers accomplish everything through consensus rather than force majeure.

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The weird, low strain, unexpected in these back alleys, added a touch of sadness, mysterious and quite beyond description. Earthquakes, firebombs, and runaway real estate development erased not just buildings but entire landscapes. As Yasunari Kawabata wrote of a Tokyo garden that was open to tides from the bay: nothing is unchanged except the seagulls and the smell of water. And after World War Two, he said: from now on, I will write nothing but elegies. The emphasis is not on loss, but on one thing transforming into another.

A landfill made out of surplus soil. An island made of trash—for keeping even more trash… The place is a park now. It has everything: baseball diamonds, soccer fields, an archery range, a gym, an indoor pool, a bike path. Smile Mart is not just Tokyo, not just Japan, but the world.

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Haruki Murakami is perhaps the greatest chronicler of late 20th-century Tokyo and its changing landscapes. Murakami makes visible all the places and landscapes we train ourselves not to see: anonymous offices, district railway lines, apartment blocks.

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Billboards and unisex hair salons. The Shuto is the best example of a structure that we look at without really noticing: yet its road network links Tokyo together—old and new, hill and embankment, all points on the compass with the centre. Like the ancient Musashi plain, the Shuto too is a place of entrances and exits, of shifting borders. And as in the ancient Ise Stories and its poem about the runaway lovers, every journey here is a crossing.