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May I receive your answer to my prayers in Jesus Name (amen)

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When left unattended to after a while the enemy will expose you and when He does it is usually scandalous. That is why these days highly placed children of God in the Ministries are being disgraced.

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Their ugliness as murderers, fraudsters, rapist, ritualist, child molesters, wife and husband beaters and more continue to make news headlines. You should not wait for satan to embarrass you before you address the ugliness in your life. We should constantly ask God to reveal our inner ugliness so that we can prayerfully ask Him to shine His light through it and make it beautiful. Joshua the High Priest was ugly inside but God shined His light on him and all the spiritual filthy garments were replaced by God with glorious ones.

Isaiah cried out that He was a man of unclean lips and God showed him mercy.

God is waiting to show us the same mercy. It is disastrous to die with the inner ugliness. Satan is actively working to discredit children of God because he does not want them to enjoy what He had lost. Bring me to the point of brokenness for confession and repentance. Let your mercy prevail over every judgment the accuser is drawing your attention to concerning my shortcomings.

Let the manifestation of my inner beauty be a tool I can use to tell the gospel message that will win souls to you in Jesus Name. God lovingly clothes repentant sinners with garments of glory. Let God restore you by confessing and showing your repentance.

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For more spiritual help click here or complete the contact form and we will get in touch with you. For more tips visit my Facebook page and connect. God loves our quality worship. As you meditatively worship Him with songs you also receive healing for your soul. Worship God often so you can become more mature spiritually. Visit here for lyrics and tonic solfa to Songs you can use for worship.


Sing Hymns as they are good for worship and are prayers in itself. Usually, I skim through these descriptions. Mhm- a cubit of acacia and an Way beyond. It is decked out.

Versailles-level extravagance. Make him a breastplate and just bedazzle the thing with every precious gem you can get your hands on. And at first, I was a little put off and confused. It just seems like a waste of time and effort for mere…beauty. Sure, I like beauty — but it seems a little un-Godlike for Him to be into interior design. This is my second time reading through the Bible.

We break, he fixes. God draws close - intentionally and sacrificially- to be with us.

And it seems that wherever and whenever He does, He brings beauty. He chooses to dwell in beauty. First, in the Garden of Eden, where the language used in the creation story is the same as the language used in temple building.

The Beauty and Glory of the Day : A Masonic Devotional

So, the very first temple was a garden filled with "every tree that is pleasant to the sight. Then, in our very hearts as we work as co-creators in His story, bearers of His gifts, worshippers in wonder. And I actually really love this intentional beautification of His — maybe because it seems so frivolous. A bonus. A celebration. But no no no. Coral reef. Aurora Borealis. I can't help but think of this SNL skit. He could give us functionality but he lavishes beauty. He could give us robes but He gives us gems.

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