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Striking over oceans of blood Over kingdom in fear they march The shadows rising from last sleep The darkside will arrive Storms of evil, thunder and might Tormented souls awake Creatures of the darkest night As damnation reach the sky. Beneath a veil of sward Embracing land of light Reflections of deepest hate Die - for centuries of dark. Swallowing the moonlight sky - conspiracy of pain As darkness falls upon thy face - prophecies in blood And tainted sky where angels cry - conspiracy of pain The wolven screams of deepest hate - prophecies in blood. The well-known trick of light is known as Rayleigh Scattering and its effects have fascinated and inspired bizarre beliefs and superstitions since the dawn of mankind. According to space agency NASA, the Full Moon will spend a total of one hour and two minutes in Blood Moon totality, offering an incredibly mesmerising light show.

The Prophetic Significance of the Four Blood Moons

The one downside to the upcoming Blood Moon is it will be the last total lunar eclipse to appear over the Earth until May 26, An article published today Jan. Worse, though, are the bizarre attempts at integrating the extremely popular search term into stories where it really makes no sense. Take a story from February , about life in Kobani, a small Syrian town destroyed by regional war.

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This is not to pick on the Times; nearly everyone in media now plays this game. But maybe just call it that.

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