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Peter And The Wolf

It's scored for four trumpets with slides, that can play in a minor key. Delicate and light, this skipping march is taken from the party scene in Tchaikovsky's festive ballet. Part march, part dance, the dotted rhythms in the music contribute to the sense of excitement. Like so many good marches, this one begins with a burst of brass chords before breaking into a slow, majestic piece. And you'll probably recognise the triumphant trumpet solo, blessed with one of Verdi's unmistakably hummable tunes.

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In the children's story of Peter and the Wolf, the young boy catches the wolf by its tail. This march takes the main theme of the piece and transforms it into a victory parade as the hunters take the animal to the zoo. This short piece tells the tale of two members of a Marionette troupe, who have had a duel. One of the Marionettes dies, and the procession sets out for the cemetery. The Turkish sound captured the imagination of many Viennese composers, including Beethoven, who even included a Turkish march in the final movement of his Symphony No.

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This sprightly piece of piano music starts quietly and gradually increases in volume, before fading away again - as though a procession is passing by. Explosively exciting, yet triumphant and ordered, this march from Bizet's Carmen, is one of many memorable tunes in the opera. Taken from the English Folk Song Suite, the healthy dose of piccolo and snare drum give a military band feel to this sprightly movement.

A lovesick artist poisons himself with opium in the fourth movement of Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique. During the course of this musical hallucination, he dreams he has killed his beloved, and is marched to his execution. Listen carefully at the end of the movement for the loud orchestral chord signifying the guillotine's chop, and the bouncing of the artist's head, represented by low plucked notes from the strings. Eric Coates' brilliant theme to the film, The Dam Busters, is now so popular in its own right that it's often played at military flypasts in the UK.

It's not surprising, given its catchy tune. Probably the best known piece from Prokofiev's satirical opera, this March also features in the orchestral suite version of this music, and in a transcription for piano solo. Prokofiev also quotes the march in the second act of his ballet, Cinderella. Shostakovich's Symphony No. It starts with a single drum beat and a toy-like tune from the woodwind, growing more and more menacing as the music progresses, until danger sirens sound in the brass and the tune becomes a hideous parody of itself.

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  8. It's now a firm favourite at the New Year's Day Concert in Vienna, where it's often performed as an encore, and the audience clap along to the lively rhythm. Originally known as The Granadeer's March, this brilliant tune is the official traditional marching song for any British military regiment whose badge of identification carries the grenade. It's now a popular favourite among marching bands, thanks to its rousing melody and booming drums.

    Organ & Timpani, "Triumphal Procession (Peter and the Wolf)"

    The world's best classical march music To celebrate the start of March, we're taking a look at some of the best marches in classical music. Clarke - Prince of Denmark's March Often used at weddings thanks to its steady pace, this piece is frequently chosen as entrance music to announce the bride's arrival. Chopin - Piano Sonata No. An experiment such as this suited Prokofiev's temperament. The composer prized novelty greatly in his music. Peter and the Wolf displays a deep understanding of a child's musical tastes and sense of humor. Composer Prokofiev also wrote the story of little Peter's encounter with the wolf.

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    He assigned to each character in the tale a corresponding instrument and leitmotif: the flute is the bird, the oboe is the duck, the clarinet is the cat, the bassoon is grandpa, the horns are the wolf, and the timpani and bass drum are the hunters' rifle-shots. Prokofiev constructed the story so that it provides an interesting lesson in instrumentation and orchestration. The story begins as Peter, portrayed by the strings, prances into the meadow where he meets the bird and the duck.

    As he greets them, the melodies associated with each are heard, first in combination with Peter's string melody, then, as the strings fade, in duet. Soon the cat enters stealthily and Peter warns the bird and the duck to be careful. Many combinations of melodies are yet to be heard as Peter proceeds to outwit the wolf. The tale ends in a superb triumphal march, in which all the instruments participate, as Peter and his friends lead the captured wolf to the zoo.

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    Suppe has written many famous overtures. Among them are the Poet and Peasant and Light Cavalry. His Beautiful Galatea is a typically delightful potpourri overture. This Season Past Seasons. I go into my little chamber, My dark little chamber, I weep, weep for my sweetheart, For my dear sweetheart! Little blue flower! Do not fade! Little sweet bird! You sing on the green heath Oh! Do not sing! Do not bloom! Spring, you know, has gone! All the singing is now over! In the evening when I go to sleep, I think of my sorrow!

    Of my sorrow! How is it? Good morning! How goes it? Will it not be a beautiful world? A beautiful world? Beautiful and brisk! How I do like the world. A beautiful thing! How I do like the world!

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    And there began in the sunshine Right away the world to sparkle: Everything, everything gained sound and color! In the sunshine! Flower and bird, large and small! Good day! Is it not a beautiful world? Oh, you!

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    Isn't it? A beautiful world! Now won't my happiness begin too?!

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    That which I seek, Can never, nevermore blossom for me! Oh woe!