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Why do we need a potty? Are you there little owl? Don't tickle the hippo! That's not my polar bear That's not my giraffe Are you there little reindeer?

11 (Somewhat) Indestructible Lift the Flap Books

That's not my angel That's not my elf That's not my snowman Where's the little mouse? Award Winner! That's not my llama Are you there little unicorn?

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That's not my puppy Where's the butterfly? That's not my mermaid Where's the busy bee? That's not my flamingo Are you there little tiger? I've been to Washington and guess what I've seen That's not my lion That's not my bat Are you there little fox? That's not my zoo Are you there little bunny? That's not my chick Who's wearing a hat?

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Are you there little elephant? That's not my witch That's not my owl That's not my reindeer That's not my otter I've been to Paris and guess what I've seen I've been to New York and guess what I've seen That's not my kitten That's not my duck That's not my goat That's not my piglet How high is the sky? That's not my dolly That's not my lamb That's not my truck That's not my tiger That's not my elephant Going out Available as an ebook Buy or find out more.

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Each page has at least five flaps that can be opened to further the illustration or read another short description. The text is small on each page, but my toddler loves to just open the flaps and "read" the pictures.

Age 0–2 years

Each Roger Priddy book is well themed and provides lots of detailed information. A multicultural cast of babies play peekaboo in this fun lift-the-flap book.

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  4. Peek-a-Boo by Janet Ahlberg.
  5. Babies will love Karen Katz's bold illustrations and flaps to identify baby's body parts. Give a kiss or squeeze to your own baby's body parts too as you read. I love books for children that use robust vocabulary. This book about construction workers and the tools they use takes no short cuts. Your child will learn the name of 24 tools and six different craftsmen from a mason to a painter. The outside of each flap shows the craftsman's tools, and then the inside shows the craftsman putting the tools to work.

    peekaboo baby a picture book for children spot it series 2 Manual

    Have your reader identify and name all the tools in the picture. It is time for Spot to eat, but he is missing. In question and answer format, your little reader will want to join in. Each page spread has a rhyming riddle with several clues for the reader to guess the classic Eric Carle illustrated animal hidden beneath a rectangular flap. Each page spread has a lost animal with three or four flaps to look under.

    The flap that has the missing animal is sound activated by light and rewards the reader with the matching "woof woof" or "hee-haw" etc.

    I think I have resecured every flap in this book with several layers of tape, so maybe it is time to invest in one of the other Noisy Peekaboo books from DK publishers. Lift-The-Flap Books Books seem to be getting more and more interactive, which is so fun!

    These Lift-The-Flap books will encourage reader participation, some guessing, and always a delightful surprise. Don't worry about the flaps getting ripped- that is the sign of a well-loved book! Mouse is Small By Mary Murphy Sometimes the simplest books are the best- especially for babies and toddlers.

    Sesame Street: Elmo Songs Collection #2

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