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What niche should I target? Do I need a web designer to start a blog? I know these blog examples are established and have taken years to build their brand. The first thing I would do is to pick a niche. I would look at content that does well on Google and social channels and look to better it with your own version. So I have read over the 19 examples of Blogs but still unsure what to write about.

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I have a wide variety of what to write about, like poetry, I like informational stuff, I love hearing the previews about new movies coming out, comedy and jokes. But what I keep seeing in some of these answers in the comments is to start with one Niche. I am passionate about all those topics but to many on one blog is too much right?

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Could you help me out? I also love traveling to but I dont feel that I can put a good stance on it right now, since I cant travel alot at this time! I have been reading for the last two days about topics and blogging, still on the fence!

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Was wondering about blogging about starting over after 50ish due to death or divorce, the emptiness you feel, trying to get back into the dating seen!!! Having to live with your children, etc!

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What do you think? Any thoughts on this idea would be gratefully appreciated. What I have to offer is conversation about my life journey. Im 59 and feel like I have a lot to offer. Is this blog material?? My thought is to pick one topic and write about it. The thing about me is..

I recently started getting thoughts about the world we live in.. So ever since …I got a diary and started putting them in words. Then I stumbled upon the idea of starting a blog. Just write. You can sort all that out at a later date when you have a larger body of work. Categories will show themselves to you in your pattern of articles.

Please let me know how you get on. If I were to be completely honest I want to thrive for something new in my life so I feel like a blog will be great but I have no idea where to start. Like do people my age even read or write blogs? And do people who write blogs become successful from it? Please help….

Hi Jamie, Good selection of blogs.. I got tired of reading about half way through… Anyways nice article. Hey, I was told to start a blog by my teacher to help my chances at getting into my digital journalism apprenticeship i applied for. So could you please leave some tips on what topics to choose and how to manage the blog?

I am writing my experiences on bringing up an autistic child and would like to share the same with people. Do you think it would be a good idea? Also I am passionate about Ladies Fashion, and would like to give tips on dressing up for occasions, where to source things from and how to present oneself. Will two parallel topics in the same blog work?

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Personally, I try to stick to one set of topics for each blog. I want to start a blog of travel and tourism to add my experiences with certain tours and travels that i had in past few years. I just wonder if this would be a good idea?

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  • This really helped me to start and drilling into blogging world. I appreciate to your job and the idea that is really helping the peoples. I was thinking about the topic I wanna work on, and its big..

    I am from India.. I wanna write something about Inspiring and respecting people. Well, some might think its because I am a Dentist. I just graduated and I love my profession and yes its true its happen to us too.. All I am saying is people judge far too quickly. Because of this judgement, some are afraid to pursue what they actually desire to do in their life. I know its a big word.. Life may have not been this easier and brighter. So, I am truly writing this from my heart..

    Sounds like an excellent idea. At no point in your summary did you mention about making money from your blog.

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    Stuff like this builds audiences. I wish you well in your project. You can find out how to build your own blog by reading my guide on How to start a blog which will get you up and running in no time. The main this is to write down a few ideas for blog posts or guides and start writing. Promote them via Pinterest and Facebook and via organic traffic from Google.

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    I became a stay at home daughter to my mom and I really struggle with the day to day lack of socializing and being in adult company. I was a professional chef until it was necessary for someone to look after my mom and I just happened to have the opportunity at one point to do just that. Excellent idea! Please make this blog. People love reading about people and their experiences in something that they may be going through.

    It will help people that are also in your situation and provide them with comfort in the fact that they are not alone. Good luck. If you need help, please refer to my guide here. I know absolutely nothing about blogging or where to begin or if my interest will even be appropriate to be classed as a blog, but I want to somehow tell my story of a rare disease I contracted and the affect it has on my life and just to make people aware. I will appreciate any information.

    My name is Faith and I have never posted a blog before.

    I wanted to ask if you think anyone would be interested in my daily journal challenges. I look after my disabled husband who is getting worse with every passing year. Facing the challenge of seeing someone I love fading away has aroused so many emotions within me. I am also battling my weight which brings its own problems. All in all, life is heavy right now but I have overcome so many issues that I want to share with others so that I can help them.