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Tho Englo. In St. CSI finished the day Saturday, in-. Green Bay used first-half U era for a a 'idad before Elway brought the Broncos bock in the sec-. Rogisiratlon foe. Sign up by Sopl. Enilstffloni bonuses avail. Companion wanted. SOIsh widow, iikos outdoors, "lorts. II you aro Inlorosl-! Route Carrier? As Kramer, recuperating from a neck iiyuiy, watched from the sidelines, Wilson guided the Vikings 80 yards in the waning moments.

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With 30 seconds on the clock, ho hit Hossan Jones with a yard touchdovm. It was the third touchdown pass of the afternoon for Wilson, who also threw for three scores in the Vikinga' opening victory over Detroit last week. Wilson, who completed 17 of 38 passes for yards, had thrown touchdown passes of eight yards to Carl Hiltori arid 46 yards to An- thony Carter in the opening half, but was frustrated by the Roms in the second half until the closing mi. Wilson- and the -Vikinga seemed on Uielr lost gasp when they -faced fourth-and at their own 26 with remaining. The Vikings improved their rec- ord to , while the Rama dropped to os their oiTcruo sputtered and stalled again.

I don't think we're a very good football team right now. But- the things we wont to happen will happen; we're coniidont of that. But Payton, the NFL's all- time rushing leader, gained only 24 yards in 15 carries. The Bears clinched it when Mike Tomezak hit Payton with the 9-yard touchdown pass with left in the. It took Payton four at- tempts from the 6-yard line before scoring. DeBerg completed 18 of 36 passes for yards before leoving late in the fourth quarter in favor of rookie Vlnny Testaverde, who made his, NFL debut and completed one of.

AP - After so many near-misscs, Jim Kelly showed ho can hit the bull's- eye. Kelly, who led a Bills fourth- quarter rally that erased a point Houston lead and made the Bills winners over the Oilers Sunday, could read minds when he threw an interception as the Bills trailed with six mi- -nutosJeft-in the game. I think that did missed tackles at the Indianapolis T6-and-2? Kelly, who hit on 26 of 43 pas- ses for yards and' three touchdowns.

Ho engi- neered the kind of come-from-bc- hind victory seen infrequently by Bills fans.

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If they lenm from the Dolphins to scoir. His earlier scoring passes ' were for 18 yards to rookie Troy Stradford and six yards to Jim Jensen. A tactical error by Morio n Compbcll said.

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Gibbs said. I— Campboll-eoid. Williams had the -first-lOO-yard -rushing-game-of his for yards, including a 1-yard AFC West touchdown run in the third quarter. WL career Sunday as the Seattle quarter.

Seahawks defeated the mistake- In a unique strotogy, first-yeor ' prone Kansos City Chiefs Norm Johnson kicked 'a team rec- ord five field goals, from 34, 26, The Chiefs fumbled four times, in- cluding three times in the third quarter as the Seahawks got 20 points to break open the game ofter.

Blacklcdge passed 10 yards to Carlos Carson for Kansas. Kentvjy possed 10 j'ards to Carson for a touchdown rushed for 79 yards and another score Sunday as the Loa Angeles Raiders overcame a halftime def- icit to beat t he De troit Lion s Lomax then threw three in- But fat. Louis quarterback Neil completions and. Los Angelos got its final points on 0 1-yard run by Vance Mueller with remaining. Hilger, who completed Clt, rookie Mitchell with remaining com- nprinA tu.. Chargers ,. Williams rushed 16 times quarter. The touchdown punt 81 yards for their own 6 when Gary Anderson touchdown.

San The 6. Dieiro cm.

The decision was a shock to the footboil world, for Brown left at Hhe height of his enrenr '. Even though Brown doesn't hove a 'favorite team or favorite player, he looks ot individual traits of players in the NFL. It would be detrimental to tho league. I like the speed of Do]. Q livo-cntertammont on, to. BUch on oxlonl in nnolher year. September Juat oak the New York Mets. Atlanta 3 Louis, which beat Chicago Closing time and date for acceptance Fun.

Cati 3? Braves Sunday. The Giants' magic number out foitf, walked ono and allowed for clinching National Loaguo ,. MV MM. Call ?. MM iiM. Uter, he got it. RICH- -Morris Seplember Bidders are Octobers, Excollont raining.

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Unlimflod earning polonlla". All proposals must be send rosumo lo Royal made on forms furnish- Neighbors ol America. Kelly ed or as noted in the re- nowoii. All by Wulie Wilson to beat the Kanso8 persons having claims City Royals Sunday and sweep against the decedent Eagle defense dumps Saints, their three-game scries. We were just beaten by-a-betler-ieami" he said.

Morcroftt the next generation (Morcroftt series)

Mike Quick and yard pass to Sunday. I Uiink all our defensive "They made the plays and wo to tight end John Tice, capping a linemen played well. It held the Soints to yords total olTcnsc and 32 on the ground.

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Since taking over the Eagles' job before the Cleveland whips Steelers her estate are required to present their claims wiihln our 4 months alter the date of the first publication of this notice or said claims will be forever barred. Registration will be held at the City Hall until October 30, until P. Three of Mike Johnson intercepted Malone -the interceptions came on odd at the Steolcr yard lino. Malone's deflections. The last interception was a Minniflcld. M cKay.

Cl his first NFL. The touchdown, with loft, come os ocold rain began pounding Counfy Stadium for the tlfird time during the game. Both teams hod oven more diffi; though the rain's intensity de- creased in tho overtime. Green Bay used, first-half turn- B overs for a Tnoso homes are located In Kimberly, Gooding, Hoyburn.

Bids Will be opened Oclobor 2, at a. Soulh Central Communi- ty Action Agency -reserves the-right-lo re- ject any or- all bids deemed best ' lor the Agency.

Monday September Would the found iho-T locusi ploaso call Nood a Job or your GE07 c:all Rob at bo- twoon8nmand10am. Bof-call2 a — ISS9. Call 1- Incapacitated person. Poodio, graylah brown.


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