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A letter written a week before he sailed is full of the hurry and strain of these last days.

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  • Mark Twain's Letters — Volume 2 (1867-1875).
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  • Twain's Letters Vol 2 1867-1875 by Mark Twain.

Twain's Letters vol 2 Mark Twain. Free Download. Edited by A.

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Mark Twain's Letters — Volume 2 (1867-1875)

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The American Claimant. A Burlesque Autobiography. Mark Twain's Letters — Volume 3 Mark Twain's Letters — Volume 4 Mark Twain's Letters — Volume 5 Mark Twain's Letters — Volume 6 Search by: Title, Author or Keyword. The Monday Evening Club of Hartford was an association of most of the literary talent of that city, and it included a number of very distinguished members.

The writers, the editors, the lawyers, and the ministers of the gospel who composed it were more often than not men of national or international distinction. There was but one paper at each meeting, and it was likely to be a paper that would later find its way into some magazine.

Naturally Mark Twain was one of its favorite members, and his contributions never failed to arouse interest and discussion. A "Mark Twain night" brought out every member.

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In the next letter we find the first mention of one of his most memorable contributions a story of one of life's moral aspects. The tale, now included in his collected works, is, for some reason, little read to day; yet the curious allegory, so vivid in its seeming reality, is well worth consideration. I thought I was well, about ten days ago, so I sent for a short hand writer and dictated answers to a bushel or so of letters that had been accumulating during my illness. I shall put in one more day's polishing on it, and then read it before our Club, which is to meet at our house Monday evening, the 24th inst.

I think it will bring out considerable discussion among the gentlemen of the Club though the title of the article will not give them much notion of what is to follow, this title being "The Facts Concerning the Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut" which reminds me that today's Tribune says there will be a startling article in the current Atlantic, in which a being which is tangible bud invisible will figure exactly the case with the sketch of mine which I am talking about!