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Holden maintained a slience on the subject clear up until the time he was nearly on his deathbed, and only when he was sought out did he reveal even the meekest of information.

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UFOlogist Thomas J. Carey spent a great deal of time interviewing and searching down the facts, but as with most of the Roswell reports, contradictions surfaced between the two archaeologist and their sightings. Campbell, who was never located by Carey, reportedly described the object as "round," Holden's was delta or wedged shaped. Even the locations of the crash scene varied between the two.

Supporters and detractors stepped forward championing their own positions and discrediting the opposition. Even though the government continued to deny the " flying saucer " story after the initial report, sticking with the " downed weather balloon " scenario, they still, two months later, brought in famed metorite hunter Dr. Linclon La Paz. La Paz'es job was to find out if he could determine the Roswell object's trajectory, a move considered by most observers to be highly unusual if the object was thought to be actually no more than a mere inflated slow moving wind blown weather device.

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During his investigation La Paz discovered a previously unknown touch-down site not far from the debris field where the sand was fused into a glass-like substance, apparently by something extremely hot that either landed there or flew over briefly very close to the surface. The interesting thing about the newly discovered site was that it was in direct line with the debris field and the Capitan Mountain crash site, as though whatever caused it flew straight over the area, debris field, and right into the boulders on the lower north slope of the mountains.

With the help of her eccentric neighbor Zora, played by Sofia Rosinsky The Other Side of the Door , Layne embarks on a high-speed adventure filled with bad guys, secret agents and other surprises to unlock the mystery behind V.

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Roswell native Liz Ortecho left it all behind 10 years ago after the death of her beloved older sister Rosa. But after the government cuts funding on her biomedical research, she reluctantly returns to her tourist-trap hometown to move back in with her father. When Liz arrives, she reconnects with Max Evans, her teenage crush, who is now a Roswell police officer. Their chemistry is instantly electric. But Liz soon discovers a shocking truth: Max is an alien who has kept his unearthly abilities hidden his entire life, along with those of his otherworldly sister, Isobel, and their friend Michael.

As the two grow closer after a decade apart, Liz finds it difficult to keep the truth from her best friend, Maria De Luca, and her trusting high school ex, Dr. Kyle Valenti.