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But then, Napoleon failed to squash a slave revolution in Haiti.

In A Nutshell

Wait, what? Yes, Haiti's independence movement was also a slave rebellion.

Not only was this an incredible achievement for the people of Haiti, but France felt the blow of it. Napoleon's dream of his own New World empire quickly disappeared. Basically, developments in Haiti had important effects on two fronts: they made France less willing and able to keep the Louisiana Territory itself and also more desperate to make a profit by selling it. So, the U.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition

That's 3 cents an acre, guys. Not only was it a steal of a deal, but it doubled the size of our already growing nation. And all this new land needed to be explored, of course.

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Back to the journey of Lewis and Clark: it was a true voyage of discovery. Jefferson's instructions to Meriwether Lewis were broad. Not only were they to map the unknown wilderness of the American West and establish friendly relations with the Native Americans who lived there, but they were also to conduct detailed observations of flora and fauna plants and animals , of climate weather , of soils and minerals, and even of fossils of extinct species.

Prior to the journey, Lewis received special training in scientific methods and in the use of instruments like the sextant, telescope, and chronometer.

Lewis and Clark: Wooing the Sioux

He brought with him on the journey an extensive—and heavy—library of scientific references, including books on botany plants , mineralogy rocks and minerals , and astronomy space, the final frontier. Lewis and Clark's journals were full of careful illustrations of newly discovered species. The explorers collected more than specimens of plants and animals for shipment back to Washington, D.

Three animals—two magpies and a prairie dog—even made it back alive. Lewis and Clark's two-year expedition from St. Louis to the mouth of the Columbia River and back—a pretty impressive feat if we do say so ourselves—solidified American claims not only to Louisiana but also to the Oregon Territory of the Pacific Northwest. But they weren't just exploring for exploring's sake—they were also doing sciencey things, in true Enlightenment fashion. The variations of the compass too, in different places should be noticed.

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A further guard would be that one of these copies be written on the paper of the birch, as less liable to injury from damp than common paper. The North river or Rio Bravo which runs into the gulph of Mexico, and the North river, or Rio colorado which runs into the gulph of California, are understood to be the principal streams heading opposite to the waters of the Missouri, and running Southwardly.

Some account too of the path of the Canadian traders from the Mississippi, at the mouth of the Ouisconsin river, to where it strikes the Missouri, and of the soil and rivers in it's course, is desirable. If a few of their influential chiefs, within practicable distance, wish to visit us, arrange such a visit with them, and furnish them with authority to call on our officers, on their entering the U. Such a mission, whether of influential chiefs, or of young people, would give some security to your own party.

This may be especially done wherever you may winter.

Key Dates of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

We value too much the lives of citizens to offer them to probably destruction. In the loss of yourselves, we should lose also the information you will have acquired. By returning safely with that, you may enable us to renew the essay with better calculated means.