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Still with half a day to play with, my road heads north on the hunt for more water.

Top 10 walks on Skye

With the almost eternally damp conditions on Skye, the island feels like a bridge between dry land and a waterworld. The result, to our collective delight, is a magnificent riot of relentless streams, atmospheric bogs and gigantic waterfalls. And here is an opportunity to underline the ridiculousness of over-tourism. This is Scotland, enter whisky. Set in a small but evocative distillery, tours are available as the team work on perfecting the ingredients and the process for the product to come in the years ahead.

My cabinet awaits patiently. It humbles you, intimidates you and captures your breath and imagination. Approach it as you would a sleeping dragon, exit with a sigh of gratitude and let it leave its permanent mark.

Places are the same. The first few trips are much like the first few dates. I know, for example, that the weather conditions can be severe. And that the city boy may struggle sometimes with the change in pace required. But when someone, or somewhere, gets under your skin and you start to grasp the full picture….

Whiskey Myers - Ballad of a Southern Man

And diverse. Hosta is virtual chaos with its crashing waves, contrasted with the serene curvature of Udal.

Jagged Waters (Southern Skyes - Book 3) by Sharyn Bradford Lunn

Drink in the sea air, hear only the sounds of nature and let their mood meet your own. Patience is the key.

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Just a matter of seconds can be the difference between sulky, brooding coastlines and resplendent glowing coastal vistas. This is the Outer Hebrides after all, and visitors play to its tune. Journeying between the two, I stop en route at the new North Uist Distillery , currently providers of the impressive Downpour Gin. I love meeting business owners in the early days, when the possibilities are endless and the excitement is tangible. In the food department, I was treated to a fishy feast to rule all others at the Borrodale Hotel. A good day for the taste buds.

Both my evenings on the Uists were spent outdoors. On North, I watched a spectacular sunset over my favourite beach. On South, I star gazed for an hour as the Northern Lights faintly shimmered on a clear and sparkling sky. It seems to me that Eriskay is easily overlooked. The ferry crossing point between Barra and South Uist, most visitors seem to miss the very obvious fact that it deserves at least half a day of your Hebridean time in its own right.

Then, Barra. With a little of each of the ingredients that give the Outer Hebrides their magic, Barra tends to be the start or end point to most Western Isles adventures.

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  7. The imagination-inspiring Kisimul Castle guards Castlebay in the most photogenic way imaginable. Scheduled flights land, on the sand, at Traigh Mor to the north. And the varied terrain suits cyclists, walkers and lovers of the outdoors down to the ground. A little further south still, tiny Vatersay is unique again. At its narrowest, a sandy isthmus is the source of a magnificent tombolo, with turquoise waters lapping at either side of the island.

    We head south through the dramatic scenery of Glencoe, wild Rannoch Moor then the heart of Rob Roy country before arriving back in Edinburgh at approximately 8.

    Day by Day Itinerary

    We head south via the Skye Bridge and through the stunning glens, we pass the Commando Memorial with views to Ben Nevis, Britain's highest mountain. Eerie Glencoe and the wilds of Rannoch Moor await before arriving in Rob Roy country to hear about the rogue who turned to a hero. Crossing back into the lowlands we arrive in Edinburgh in the early evening at approximately 5. The Jacobite then passes through Glenfinnan where Bonnie Prince Charlie raised his Standard to begin his ill-fated claim to the throne in A visit to the Isle of Skye is incomplete without learning the fascinating history and clan legend of Dunvegan Castle.

    Built during 13th and 14th centuries this Hebridean stronghold is the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland and has been the ancestral home of the Chiefs of Clan MacLeod for the past years. Explore magnificent historic gardens and woodland trails around the romantic ruins of Armadale Castle. Discover years of island history in the Museum of the Isles.

    In most cases you are staying with a family who let out rooms in their home to visitors. These are generally located within one mile of the centre of town, although during peak season, this distance may be slightly further. Most offer a traditional Scottish cooked breakfast. Breakfast is included in the cost. Highland Hotels are smaller than typical Hotels ensuring a cosy and hospitable welcome.

    Facilities are more limited when compared with most Hotels situated in large cities, however, you can be assured of a comfortable stay within close proximity to the centre of town. They are usually family run and have their own individual style and character.

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