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English U. For non-linguists, buying interpreting services is often frustrating.

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Many buyers are not even sure they need a professional interpreter since they know someone who is bilingual and willing to help out. Potential clients need to know the value your services can bring to their business. That's where Interpreting: Getting It Right comes in--a straightforward brochure explaining the where, why, and how of professional interpreting services.

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Your back is the back of a river full of fish; I have my tackle and tackle box. You only have to say the word.

Your back, a letter I have been writing for fifteen years, a smooth stone, a moan someone makes when his hair is pulled, your back like a warm tongue at rest, a tongue with a tab of acid on top; your spine is an alphabet, a ladder of celestial proportions. Your armpits are beehives, they make me want to spin wool, want to pour a glass of whiskey, your armpits dripping their honey, their heat, their inexhaustible love-making dark. Your arms are the arms of nations, they hail me like a cab.

I am bright yellow for them.

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Your arms of blue and ice with the blood running through them. Close enough to your shoulders to make them believe in God. Your shoulders make me want to raise an arm and burn down the Capitol.

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The socially awkward Gavin forges sudden romantic connections with three very different women: a sultry millionairess Redgrave , an idiosyncratic recluse Bonham Carter , and a single mother Horrocks who is a junior hairdresser at his salon. The film's theme song, also titled "Getting it Right", was sung by Dusty Springfield.

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