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Did you know we carry? Explore More. Divided into three sections, one for each aspect of the Trinity, this book presents students with a clear understanding of the role each part plays. Biblical evidence is supplemented with discussion questions so your small group can talk about how they see the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit work in their own lives. Creative Bible Lessons on the Trinity also includes a guide to identifying and working with different learning styles, so you can connect effectively with each of the students in your small group. With this knowledge, you'll be able to effectively teach your students to incorporate what they learn about the Trinity into their day-to-day lives.

We may think of them as the leaders of tomorrow, but the kids you minister to are already leaders they're the leaders of today. In hallways, on playing fields, and in their own homes, students are influencing the lives that surround them. Nehemiah is one of the Bible's most powerful examples of what a godly leader looks like. This newest collect Most people avoid teaching from Ezekiel.

The Trinity Explained

Not only is it a book full of strange and sometimes disturbing imagery, but it also presents a vivid depiction of a God that won't fit neatly into the categories we typically have in mind for him. It's because of these reasons that Eze Do you want to teach solid Biblical truth to your kids without their eyes glazing over as soon as you say "open your Bibles:?

Bible Object Lessons for Kids

Veteran youth worker and Bible teacher Doug Fields has crafted 12 lively, ready to use lessons that actually make it fun to dig into Scripture. Fields ut As a youth worker you have certainly spent much of your time addressing the current issues facing teens, but have you stopped to think about what may be behind students' behavior? Many of the not-so-wise choices students make are the result of a confused worldview that comes from uncertainty about who God is.

It's easy for students to dismiss Every human being-Christ follower or not-has asked, "Why does God allow suffering? But as you take the book and story of Job piece by piece, you'll be able to guide students towards a better understanding of this God who can be so difficult to comprehend. Through the twelve sessio Was the book of Revelation penned by the crazy uncle in the family of Bible writers? You try to convince yourself that the apostle john is just another New Testament writer kindly, gentle, loving.

You know But he's just so weird! Most of the time you have no idea what John is talking about in his revelation. When you must int This is the first in a series of four Bible lessons for children teaching them about the Holy Spirit. Click here to see the series index. Through object lessons, a small group study of multiple verses, and a memory verse game, students will learn who the Holy Spirit is, as part of the Trinity of God. Introduction: As you ask the students the following questions, be the first to raise your hand to encourage their own participation. How many of us have ever done something wrong?

How many of us felt sorry about it? How many of us have ever been brave when we could have been afraid? How many of us need help making the right decisions? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may have had a little help from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, you say?

Who is He anyway?

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What does He do? Is He an egg? Did He come from a chicken? Is He like water? Or is He like the wind? So how do you get Him? Will He give us super powers? Supplies needed : an egg, a bowl, and a towel for your hands, clear cup or bottle of water, ice cubes. We know Who God is.

He created us. We know Who Jesus is. He saved us. So who is the Holy Spirit anyway? Some of you have heard that God is three persons in one. How can we explain it? Well, this egg right here has three parts. There is the shell, crack open , the yolk, and the white stuff.