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A low blood calcium level causes the nerve running over the heart that supplies the diaphragm to become irritable and start to cause muscle contraction at the same rate as the heartbeat. The horse begins to develop a rhythmic twitching of the flanks in time with the heartbeat, often seen on one side only. This can progress to severe contractions of the diaphragm — almost like a hiccup.

The sudden contraction of the diaphragm may cause a drum-like sound — hence the name thumps. Stop exercise immediately and consult a veterinarian for treatment. Consulting a qualified equine nutritionist with expertise in endurance diets will help formulate a balanced preventative diet.

In addition, consider how so few people are prepared for this, everything is shifting to a digital world. Phishing scams are varied.

Beware The Bear (IRE)

Spear phishing is targeted at a specific individual, just as with content personalisation, phishing personalisation leads to greater success. Clone phishing, as the name suggests, is when an original, previously delivered, email containing an attachment or link has had its content and recipient address used to create a cloned email. The attachment or link within the original email is then replaced with a malicious file or link and resent from a spoofed or fake email address.

This technique exploits the social trust associated with the original sender and suggests the new email is just an updated version of the previously sent one. As the name suggests, the cyber attacker is looking to catch a big fish. These attacks are targeted at senior executives.

The malware works its way up the email chain to create an org chart of sorts. They phish their mobile phone numbers from their email signatures or emails where they may have sent them or indeed from social media. Then, they phish and establish when the board meeting is on.

Beware the long face: horses remember your mood | Science | The Guardian

During the board meeting a text message is faked from CEO to CFO, it says to deposit a large sum to a stated account and not to ask any questions. In a huge number of cases the CFO follows orders and deposits the large sum. Game Over, funds lost.

Smishing uses phone text messages to deliver the bait to induce people to divulge their personal information. This technique can be used in a huge variety of ways.

Beware of Horses

So many of us have uploaded large amounts of ourselves to social media platforms, including our personal data, our photos and our location. It would be quite easy to piece a personal profile together, Fishing through someones bins for some old card statements could provide a missing piece to the puzzle. This information is often sold on the Dark Web.

Fall / Epic Fail - Beware of Free Horse! - Mutant Appaloosa - Filmed with GoPro.

But why do we get fake people on social media? Fake connections on Linkedin and fake profiles on twitter? A while back, I recall a few people who I already know and had connected with requesting to connect again after we were already connected.

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I said it to one guy, he said that a few people had mentioned this to him. Then I had a few requests after that, where I looked at who the person was, were they real, did they have many connections already and did we have shared connections. Add to Clipboard.

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